Database Systems

Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses

A comprehensive introductory textbook for use in undergraduate and graduate information systems or computer science database courses, as well as for independent readers.

About the Book

Even though readers of this book will likely have already been exposed to introductory information systems topics, the book itself can also be used with no prerequisite courses taken or no previous information system knowledge. The book contains all necessary introductions, followed by detailed coverage of database topics. Its goal is to provide a significant level of database expertise to its readers and users.

The book covers both operational and analytical databases. The current job market in information systems, business data analysis, and decision support requires competence in both operational and analytical database systems. Database Systems: Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses covers operational and analytical database systems in a comprehensive fashion, providing a theoretical foundation and meaningful hands-on experiences. Readers of this book and students in database courses based on this textbook will learn how to design and use operational and analytical databases and will be prepared to apply their knowledge in today’s business environments, which require a solid understanding of both these types of databases.


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